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Shikun Vebinui-PFI Hadera- Bridge Management System (BMS)
About the organization: On July 2009, the National Road Company selected Shikun Vebinui for a 20 year franchise for a PFI (Private Finance Initiative...

Derech Eretz group
GIV Solutions Company Ltd. Has signed a contract for establishing an EAM  - Infrastructure management and maintenance system in Derech Eretz grou...

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GIV-Solutions included in the list of 25 leading and innovative companies in the field of EAM.
GIV-Solutions have been selected by the CIO REVIEW magazine from San Francisco, California, to be included in the list of 25 leading and innovative ...
Global Customers Infor Conference: Inforum 2016
10/7 / 16-13 / 7/16  , New York and keep up with developments in other versions and applicationsInfor EAM'...
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