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EAM - Maintenance & Operations

GIV Solutions is a leader in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). These systems are essential for every organization that relies on its physical assets and infrastructure (including equipment and inventory) to provide service and value to its customers.

Asset lifecycle and maintenance costs are often the most substantial expenses in an organization’s budget. Asset maintenance effectiveness, asset life extension, and the synchronization between operational asset use and other business use all have far-reaching implications—especially as they relate to profitability, customer service and business growth.

GIV offers professional strategic consulting, management, know-how, guidance, implementation and training in all aspects of asset and equipment operations, maintenance and policies—including computerization, business processes and control.

The solution can include either “best of breed” products implemented and integrated into the organizational IT environment, or EAM/PM modules within leading ERP systems.

GIV offers a broad spectrum of services. The company provides either: comprehensive turnkey solutions, professional consulting and supervision, complete EAM project implementations or selected EAM project phases implementation or supervision, based on what the customer needs.

The company offers services ranging from project initiation, functional analysis, specifications design, vendor selection, project planning through implementation, assimilation and organizational guidance. The company also provides outsourcing solutions for system management and maintenance operations.

The company specializes in infrastructure, transportation and other indispensable service organizations.

GIV applies an advanced engineering approach—incorporating infrastructure, asset and equipment lifecycle principles—implemented specifically for each customer's needs.

GIV’s experts help organizations resolve issues such as:

  • How to effectively achieve business goals and perform processes along with organizational equipment and asset maintenance?
  • What technologies are available today or will be in the near future for asset maintenance?
  • How can an organization improve the output from equipment and improve maintenance?
  • How to manage and control maintenance expenses, save money or even reduce expense outlays?
  • Should the company buy a system designed specifically for maintenance management or implement a solution within the ERP system? How should the decision be made? What vendors offer an integrated ERP solution that would meet the organization’s needs?

GIV helps the customer select the IT solution from the range of market alternatives and tailors the solution to the customer’s needs and organizational characteristics.
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