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Enterprise Strategic Consulting

In order to provide the most complete solution to an organizations business and management IT needs, GIV Solutions offers a comprehensive and integrated array of services and solutions.

Strategic consulting services focus on the connection between high level business objectives and detailed goals, business processes, organizational structure and organization culture. These strategy components drive computer and information needs, IT management approach (including planning and developing work plans) budgets, IT department organizational structure and change management.

System consulting and planning services include consulting regarding business activities, processes, information technologies, communication and management applications, change management and organizational consulting. GIV supports all these activities, including:
  • Mapping organizational requirements
  • Performing system analysis and design
  • Preparing master IT plans
  • Developing annual and multi-year work plans
  • Writing and issuing hardware and software requests for proposal
  • Conducting IT system selection
  • Supervising implementation and integrating applications with business processes
  • Consulting on and directing system implementations hand-in-hand with all levels of management
GIVs unique ability to provide comprehensive servicesmethods, processes, organizational changes and systems for every organizationis a key differentiator of GIVs services.

Meir Givon, the CEO and founder of GIV Solutions, personally supervises GIVs strategic consulting projects.
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