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GIV-PLM for CPG & Pharma

In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries, such as pharmaceuticals, and food & beverage, new products created commonly by simply changing the packaging and not the content. The need and desire to make brands look fresh and new by changing their packaging and by introducing universal and unique designs is a milestone for every innovative marketing venture. The multiplicity of products and packaging specifications creates the need for an advanced management system that deals comprehensively with every aspect and stage of product packaging life-cycle management.

The new GIV-PLM CPG solution developed and implemented exclusively by GIV Solutions is offered and distributed by the global ARAS Corporation and ARAS Partners. A unique and innovative software solution based on years of experience and knowledge accumulated together with leading players in CPG packaging management.

The GIV-PLM CPG solution, along with GIV teams design and process analysis service offer complete, tailored and integrative solutions for managing brand, product and packaging design, and for supporting CPG companies during all product lifecycle management stagesplanning, development and Change Management.

GIV-PLM benefits:

  • Dramatic increase of business competitive abilities, by supplying advanced tool and infrastructure for consumer products and packaging development, over the whole life cycle
  • Dynamic Project templates usage - structures processes, reuses knowledge, and increases reliability
  • BPM (business process management), Lifecycle & Workflows flexible infrastructure, and document management capabilities
  • Multi-language & Multi-organizational software
  • Web based State-of-Art Microsoft technology, offers easy deployment and swift performance Project control and workflow progress monitoring
  • Product components (Bill of Material)
  • Lifecycle management according to regulations and QA
  • Documents, Technical specs, and graphics management
  • Dynamic reporting tools
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for managers
  • Personal Inbox (to-do list) and Desktop
  • SBV (Security by Value) - advanced solution for sharing data and comprehensive access control.

Technical information:

  • Development Platform based on Aras Innovator, Certified by Microsoft
  • Fast and easy deployment, No install needed on end-users workstations.
  • The integrated Solution Studio enables Drag-and-Drop Real-Time Changes to Forms, Workflows, Business Rules, Data Schema, and more.
  • Advanced SOA (service oriented architecture) architecture
  • BPM (Business Process Management), Lifecycle & Workflows flexible infrastructure, and document management capabilities
  • Quality management's workflow infrastructures build according to FDA regulations(21 CFR Pt. 11 and Pt 820)

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