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a company is based on more than its buildings, investors, products, and employees. Essential information that is collected and used, corporate intelligence, processes, and the IT environment are also building blocks of a company.

GIV Solutions specializes in integrating and using this business intelligence and “hidden” information using BI tools, for the benefit of the organization and the customer. Using BI technology to extract information, GIV professional team helps organizations learn about themselves, make knowledge-based strategic decisions and implement ongoing improvements based on business objectives.

Until recently, many believed that BI was an additional information technology covering specific business areas (such as human resources, sales and marketing, finance, maintenance, operations, and customer management). Now, organizations recognize the need for a built-in analysis solution across all business areas to support organizational decision-making.


The use of BI, data warehousing and data mining penetrates all levels of the organization (as opposed to executive information systems that are designed only for senior management). It has been proven in the industry that there are major benefits to an organization when BI is an inseparable part of data management tools and systems. Business intelligence is in constant growth and development. There is One thing in common among businesses that make use of BI; BI significantly contributes to business results.

GIV provides top quality management and implementation solutions that include, among other things, cross-department BI tools tailored to each organization.

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