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The system Provides transportation authorities with a comprehensive Structure Registry, Monitoring, and Maintenance Management solution, to effectively allocate budgets to deteriorating and sub-standard performing structures within their infrastructure inventory.

Award Winning Technology GIV-BMS is Incorporating the Infor EAM platform. The solution and technology will enable the highest level of flexibility and adaptability to local standards and needs.

GIV-BMS is part of the integrated GIV-RMS – Road Management System and complies with the UK-CSS bridge monitoring methodology. The system is gaining recognition throughout the world. The flexible framework stores and processes the current condition and needs of your structure inventory with unmatched integrated engineering, and ease of use.


  •  A flexible, user-defined Inventory and survey manager

  • Mobile monitoring using tablets and microdrones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

  • Incorporating: GPRS, GPS, GIS and imagery surveyed data.

  • Executing Treatment Models as determined by the engineering and maintenance managers.

  • Enabling economical optimized planning of the budget, rehabilitation and maintenance needs.


Performance monitoring:
The system calculates and tracks the Condition Performance Index (CPI) of each type of structure: Bridges, Culverts, Retaining walls and sign gantries.

On the network level, structure Stock condition Indicators are monitored and enable the bridge managers to balance their maintenance budgets based on the stock type, location, age, or any other parameter.

GIV-BMS provides the necessary tools to perform an effective and expedited survey of the structure.
Beginning with an automated planned inspection program, the system issues the inspection work based on a determined schedule. The user-defined aspects of the survey are then available for the surveyor to use: Structure geometric and service attributes, Structure element Hierarchy, Defect catalogs and imagery upload and input are at the basis of each inspection.

Work Management:
Pending the survey process, GIV-BMS enables bridge managers to model their treatment policy into an automated process that generates treatment recommendations based on the inspection findings. These recommendations, facilitated as work orders within the maintenance plan, are then processed through a prioritization program to be ranked and sorted according to the organizational needs.


The solution has in place a state of the art 2-directional interface with the ESRI GIS platform enabling the user to view the structure location and schematics in every phase of the management process.

BI Reporting:
Extensive and feature-rich built-in reports of inventory, inspection and condition aspects are available. The Business Intelligence IBM-COGNOS solution is empowering the reporting needs.

most of GIV Solutions’ projects involve BPM and change management together with highly effective planning, training, and assimilation.

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