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In the consuming industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, new products are created by changing the package and not always the substance.

The need & desire to refresh the brand’s appearance and re-brand it by presenting universal designs are a road-mark for innovation & marketing needs.

Multiple products & packages create a need for an advanced management system that can deal thoroughly & collectively with all the aspects & life cycles of the products.

The innovative solution for CPG products which was developed & implemented solely by GIV-Solutions is offered & distributed worldwide by ARAS.

The unique solution is based on many years of experience with leading organizations in the CPG & package management industries.

GIV’s CPG solution together with the GIV team that offers development & process analysis, that are aiming to provide solutions for brands, products & design management for CPG companies throughout all life-cycle stages and change development.


About GIV-PLM CPG solution:

An innovative, powerful & user-friendly solution for the pharmaceutical industry & consumption products including:
• Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food & beverage, cleaning products, consumer products that are being marketed in a designed package.
• Unique adjustment to developing & managing product packages.
• A solution that enables & supports data sharing around the organization and innovation processes.
• A total & easy to manage solution for development processes.
• Managing data & information processes throughout the product’s life-cycle.
• A worldwide innovative solution.
• GIV-PLM is based on ARAS technologies and represented in Israel solely by GIV-SOLUTIONS.

GIV-PLM CPG Advantages:

• Becoming more efficient & cost effective by using a single system to manage the entire packaging department.
• Significantly less Time to Market.
• Providing an available & quick option to renewing products by refreshing the packages.
• Data availability to all relevant factors & workers.
• Making planning processes more effective by using data streaming between the relevant factors (workflow).
• Effective & innovative use of project management processes that are connected to the outcomes & to task deployment formation (workflow).
• A state of the art up to date online technology from Microsoft, which receives much recognition & praise.


GIV-PLM CPG Technology:

• An online technology based on Microsoft infrastructure (.NET).
• Easy to distribute & upgrade, no need for local installation.
• Advanced service-oriented architecture, that enables high flexibility & easy integration to other systems.
• An advanced, object-based data module, that enables on-the-fly changes without programming.
• Workflows, lifecycle & BPM (business process management) dynamic infrastructure, including document management capabilities.
• The workflow infrastructure is built according to FDA 21 part 11 820 quality standard.

most of GIV Solutions’ projects involve BPM and change management together with highly effective planning, training, and assimilation.

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