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GIV’s Road Management System Incorporating the Infor EAM platform deals with maintenance & management of transportation infrastructures. The system includes specific solutions for those elements based on GIV-RMS™ & GIV-BMS™ products.


Those products enable control in road operation including traffic control, engineering & maintenance management including QA, contractor’s activity, SLA management, electronic infrastructure, safety systems, tunnels, bridges and road structures.

The Product deals with all necessary operating & managing assignments that transportation infrastructures needs: managing tools & equipment, men power (including outsourcing), managing maintenance tasks, managing equipment inventory, activities assignment to each component (draining, dirt work, water pipes, bridges etc), work orders & providing complete status report on local & national transportation infrastructure.

The use of the system will result directly in better management, better performance & better efficiency of maintenance tasks, as well as increasing safety levels, saving expenses and elongation of the infrastructure life cycle. most of GIV Solutions’ projects, is Making use of BPM and change management together with highly effective planning, training, and assimilation.

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