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HxGN EAM is an advanced Assets & Infrastructure, maintenance, operation, management system. The system supports life-cycle Maintenance Management & Operations of assets & infrastructure thru the constant improvement of performance while reducing costs & increasing revenue.

Managing & monitoring equipment & company assets and maintenance might be the most important tool for preventing performance malfunctions & reducing operating costs.

HxGN EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) enables all organizations to save time & money by improving resources management, maintenance, staff & equipment productivity. Increasing inventory efficiency & ability to collect insurance & warranty claims.

HEXAGON includes many advanced reporting tools that enable better decision making & improvement of long-term asset performance & profitability. HEXAGON also includes a built-in solution, combining and integrating GIS, as well as built-in sustainability solutions- energy efficiency, pollution monitoring, built-in mobile solution and many more.


HxGN EAM Specializes among others, in the Following Fields:


How Does HxGN EAM Help Your Organization:

• Longer equipment life cycle & increase in profitability.
• Increasing work efficiency & decreasing downtime.
• Effective usage of maintenance based equipment while decreasing downtime.
• Effective management of work-flows in order to guarantee supply timelines.
• Less inventory & saving more money.
• A module of different scenarios which enables determination of optimal asset level & initiate decision making.
• Improving the ability to collect insurance & warranty claims.
• Reliability management.
• Risk management.
• Predicting fail-points and thus lowering downtime.
• Strategic planning- increasing performance in order to match the company’s goals.
• Managing & monitoring sustainability regulations.
• Energy efficiency.
• Integrating GIS & sketches.
• The ability of mobile work.

HxGN EAM is much more than operating & maintenance system. The variety of performance meters & managing tools will enable the company and its directors to create a more precise vision by financial & operational meters. The result is improving present & future performances.

For 20 years, HxGN EAM is used by 17000 companies around the world, including over 60% of Fortune 500 companies.

GIV-Solutions is the official representative of HxGN EAM in Israel. GIV Group is localizing, distributing, implementing assimilating and consulting on HxGN EAM solutions.

GIV-Solutions specializes in providing management & IT software solutions to Enterprises with Operations, Maintenance, Service, Manufacturing & Infrastructure processes.

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