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GIV TEAM – Who are we

Since 2001, GIV Solutions leads and provides world class cutting edge enterprise management software solutions and services. 

The company provides a wide range of solutions, including consulting, project management, providing "off the shelf" solutions, characterization, development, change management and implementation.

GIV Solutions LTD. represents and implements the Enterprise Asset Management system Infor EAM™ in Israel. Infor EAM™ is an international leading management, operational and maintenance system.


GIV’s Advantages:

  • A client-focused method that emphasizes the client’s involvement in the project and providing the highest quality level of service.

  • Providing custom made an end to end solutions according to the client’s needs.

  • Providing specific & unique solutions for achieving business advantages.

  • Reaching the client’s goals and targets by providing a large array of services.

  • Integrative solutions based on proven disciplines & advanced methods.

  • Forming successful working relations with business partners, based on the client’s needs. Providing full support in the necessary array of solutions & services, with full responsibility.

  • GIV’s team is comprised of experienced experts with proven abilities for completing complex projects.

GIV as a company:

Our people are the most precious resources we have. We spend a lot of time thinking about our cultivation and growth as a business and as a company, and the growth for each individual in the company.


As a company, we believe in giving room for home and family.

We spend a lot of time finding suitable roles and connecting them to the right people, allowing free workspace, and giving a lot of room to each member of our group for expression.

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