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Come to visit the tiger's lair: Meir Givon and Yossi Efroni, GIV Solutions

Recently, GIV Solutions CEO Meir Givon and Yossi Afroni, VP Marketing and Sales, visited the Tiger Lair.

The two told me that "GIV has a skilled and high-quality team that combines strategic thinking with the ability to realize and execute on the individual level, to achieve the client's goals."

The company was established in 2001 and is located in the Etgarim Center in Raanana. Givon and Efroni said that since its establishment, GIV has been growing and joining large customers in Israel, in various sectors. "We have carried out many significant projects, from consulting, to project management, implementing and assimilating organizational systems, developing vertical solutions, and managing change," they said.

On the right - Yossi Efroni, VP of Marketing and Sales of GIV Solutions, and Meir Givon, CEO of the company

Givon and Efroni stated that GIV believes in the Win-Win-Win policy - for the customer, the company and the team - as a necessary triangle of cooperation, success, and satisfaction. "In addition to the atmosphere of family intimacy and sharing of all the company's employees, they are the secret to the company's success," they added.

Givon said, with a touch of pride, that "GIV executives have been with me for a long time and together we are promoting the company and its customers."

Road management systems, bridges, and smart cities

Givon and Efroni further noted that GIV is a research and development company recognized by the Chief Scientist. It developed a number of vertical solutions, including road management systems (GIV-RMS), bridges (GIV-BMS) and smart cities (GIV-CITY). "Based on the Infor EAM system, we market the vertical solutions in Israel and abroad. We opened a branch in China and a branch in South America, and part of our revenue comes from exports, "they said.

Another area in which the company operates is smart management of maintenance, equipment, and infrastructure in infrastructure-intensive organizations. "We run courses on the subject, write tenders, manage maintenance projects and implement expert solutions for our customers, according to their needs, we do it in organizations that are challenging and large in the economy, as well as small organizations."

According to Givon and Efroni, "In 2008, we decided to represent and market the Infor EAM system in Israel, as a system for managing equipment and maintenance, to manage the lifecycle of equipment and infrastructure, and since then we have implemented projects in fields such as pharma, energy, water, infrastructure, transportation, cities, and campuses. Many of our customers are BOT organizations, who are looking for maximum operational efficiency and tight management control along with a lean solution, and our partnerships and contracts are long-term, in some cases for decades. "

"As software and enterprise computing company, GIV provides its professional services for the customer and his needs with the computing platforms that he has chosen to use." We work with SAP customers, legacy systems and other specialized systems such as SBO, Oracle, Cognos, and Sharepoint. "

"The company operates in the government and public sectors as well as in private companies and has the ability to manage change, backed by the methodologies developed by it as Best Practices, the training, the assimilation and the management of change are led by a training psychology that specializes in managing the change process and achieving the client's goal, And the processes combined, where necessary, "Givon and Efroni said.

"In the coming years, GIV is ready and planning to expand its activities in Israel and abroad, expand cooperation and continue to develop vertical solutions," they concluded.

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