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"Contrary to popular belief, managing a smart city's infrastructure is possible"

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

"The essence of the municipality is to serve the resident, and it can not afford the infrastructure not to be available, clean, maintained, safe and monitored," said Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions.

"As soon as you understand that the essence of a municipality is to serve the resident, it can not afford the infrastructure not to be available, clean, maintained, safe and monitored." Contrary to popular belief, a smart city is something that can be managed - and well, "To GIV Solutions.

Givon spoke to Moore speaking at a municipal IT conference, held under the title Smart City. The conference, produced by people and computers, took place Tuesday at the LAGO events hall in Rishon Letzion, attended by hundreds of professionals in the field. It was guided by the Leopard Leopard, entrepreneur, and leader of people and computers, and Yehuda Konfortes, the group's editor-in-chief.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions

According to Givon, "The common definition of a city is a place for living and work, a community, but a city is an agreement between the government and a management company called a municipality, which is connected to billions of buildings, water, culture, sports, An arm of the central government that provides the services to the residents and they have to obey its laws, so it must provide the residents with the infrastructure at a high level, and it will not happen without their management, which will make the city not live. "

He noted that GIV Solutions offers a range of smart city solutions, including a solution for managing Infor EAM. "Infrastructure-intensive organizations want to put the right dollar in the right time and place to get the most benefit," he added. "For this purpose, there is a need for a smart management system, which includes the possibility of making knowledge-based decisions and laws, data sharing and uniformity between the systems, continuous improvement, pro-active processes, and BI combining information from different places."

"If a system can not respond in real time, it becomes irrelevant and restrictive," he said.

In conclusion, inspired by Tchaikovsky's famous ballet, Givon said, "We supply the people and the tools that 'crack the nuts' and give the customer a 'masterpiece'."

Avishai Mano, technical director of Nimble Storage Israel, also spoke at the event. "We offer a customer-oriented platform and partnerships throughout the technological world," he said.

"Our system provides local authorities and other customers with storage in a flexible environment, with availability of six ninths," says Mano, "Our system reports real-time data to our Data Center, where the intelligence and analysis mechanism, which identifies undesirable things, But instead of days and weeks of data collection and analysis, the system operates in full transparency and two-way. "

He noted that hundreds of municipalities and local authorities around the world are customers of the company, including the United States and Australia. Mano gave examples of projects in the world of education, Rabbi Kou of Seoul, which works on the Nimble Storage systems, in cooperation with Cisco, and virtual work positions for students in a California district near Los Angeles.

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