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From the desert of Abu Dhabi, through New York to the annual GIV conference

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

"We understand what the software can do for you and your business, from the back organizational part of the organization to its progress, no matter what challenge you pose, we tell you we're ready to get started, we already have more than 90,000 customers worldwide and we're one The largest software players in the world, we now offer an artificial intelligence combination as one of our focus points, and we, of course, as well as throughout the years, also offer functionality that is closely tailored to every industry, "said Frederic Rousseau, vice president, EMEA, , At the opening of his speech at GIV Solutions' annual conference held Tuesday at the event hall Of the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel in the production of people and computers.

Frederic Rousseau, vice president of EAM in EMEA. Photo: Liat Mandel

Rousseau was one of Infor's many who attended a conference titled GIV Solutions + Infor EAM = Nut Crackers. And has concentrated dozens of GIV's clients in the various fields in which it deals, including its projects as an Infor gold partner, suitable for local industries.

"Collaboration through a very broad network of customers and partners"

"The cloud is a very important part of our overall strategy, but we have not been looking to create the wheel here, and we're working closely with Amazon's cloud services, which of course saves time on the solution and on the other hand saves a lot of time on upgrades and access Which is very appropriate and very important for many vertical organizations. "Another part of our strategy is the ability to collaborate through a very wide network of customers and partners, and in this respect, we can not fail to mention our long-standing cooperation with GIV," Rousseau said.

He says the company's tactic is to implement things in a very pragmatic way, and not only for the technological integration of the information, solutions and analytical capabilities they implement with the help of the partners, their various offers to the field, as well as the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

"We want to provide digital help to improve the user experience in our software offering, especially in this particular aspect of EAM, and of course we also want to provide the ability to automate processes, which is actually one of the most important things. Information that leads to decisions that will help you grow your business and improve the various processes you use, "he explained.

Russo said that it is impossible to ignore that quite a few companies have disappeared from the market in light of the selection and use of technologies that are not good enough. "This is just one of the best products we offer, and we're traveling all over the world and meeting many customers, and one of the things that come up, again and again, is Asset management, and no matter whether it's transportation, maintenance, electricity, industry and many other verticals. "This is exactly where Infor comes with EAM and a wide range of infrastructure that touches on all aspects of our lives.

After exhibiting some of the largest projects in which the company was a partner in providing solutions, and in a very large area of ​​vertices all over the world - from the desert of Abu Dhabi, through the management of all the main systems in New York City with police and first aid, to the far north in the Yamal gas field north of Russia, Almost constant of minus 40 degrees - Rousseau said that these are just some of the reasons and examples that show Infor's leadership in the market, and the value it brings to customers.

A special tribute to Meir Givon, founder and CEO of the company

"We are leading the market because we are pragmatic and we understand that it is good to do technology, and it's good to be digital, but we need to adapt it to the needs, using the most modern cranes, on the one hand, Big Data and on the other hand solutions AR and VR, we really try to influence what we do, and we know that one of the aspects we need is to provide visibility and understanding of processes to reduce costs, improve functionality and efficiency, "he said.

"We want to help you transform your asset management aspect into a competitive advantage, we have more than a few advantages worth learning to promote your business in the modern era, and we are more than once treated as the world's largest software startup," Rousseau added.

"We are very proud of this long relationship with GIV, and we do not have many partners who represent the company," said Meir Givon, founder and CEO of the company, Passion, and ability to promote cooperation with us, and promote solutions based on what we offer to the market with EAM. Thank you for sharing our journey, "he concluded.

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