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"GIV is a leader in advanced solutions for smart organizations and cities in Israel

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

"Infor EAM, Infor's flagship product, is the world's leading infrastructure and equipment lifecycle management platform. GIV has developed and implemented innovative vertical solutions that are selected and awarded prizes and assessments in Israel and around the world as leaders in solutions and innovation for smart city management, smart campus for learning, And managing smart transportation infrastructures of all kinds, "said Meir Givon, CEO and founder of GIV Solutions.

Left: Soma Somsunderm, global product development manager at Infor; Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions; And Yossi Afroni, VP of Marketing and Sales at GIV Solutions

Givon spoke for the third customer conference held by Infor. The conference, GIV Solutions Customers Summit 2018, will be held on November 27 at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv.

According to Givon, the conference will mark the tenth anniversary of GIV's representation of Infor and the Infor EAM product in Israel. "We not only represent and implement the product but also engage in conversion, integration, and development of vertical solutions. We are the support center and provide professional services, maintenance and operation to all customers in Israel through the GIV Group."

He said, "This is a leading product in its field, and can be defined as a technological ERP that has been developed and developed over 30 years and positioned it at the forefront of global solutions in the field, as a preferred and suitable software solution for organizations with equipment and infrastructures that use equipment and infrastructure to provide services of various kinds. Serves us as a basis for solutions for organizations such as smart cities, service organizations for large infrastructures, and for transportation, water, and energy organizations. "

"The product is being developed and renewed by Infor Worldwide with large investments and the vision of enabling high flexibility in its implementation and configuration for a variety of customers with different needs, providing functionality and flexibility in the field of infrastructure management, including with traditional ERP systems, and 17,000 corporate customers worldwide. In the system's databases, enabling flexibility, upgrade, and reliability - for customers with critical systems that require a high level of service management (SLA), in addition to the stability that characterizes it. Through the flexibility and constant demand to reduce construction costs and TCO, said.

Left: Soma Somsunderm, global product development manager at Infor; Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions; And Yossi Afroni, VP of Marketing and Sales at GIV Solutions

Left: Soma Somsunderm, global product development manager at Infor; Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions; And Yossi Afroni, VP of Marketing and Sales at GIV Solutions

Givon added that "GIV has developed and implemented a comprehensive and integrated application functionality and integration into various types of organizations, in our language, in order to meet customer needs quickly and economically - both for construction and for TCO - compared to conventional ERP systems. Comprehensive management solutions for organizations that manage, operate and maintain infrastructures of the types mentioned above. "

"One of the most difficult problems in ERP implementation," Givon said, "is that when management discusses this, the CIO makes it clear that it will take a long time to adapt the processes to the system - and it becomes a barrier. Infor EAM provides a convenient solution for the user, a variety of tools, the ability to adjust and change the configuration of processes in small time periods, Ajili, and providing a quick response since the live organization is constantly changing. If you understand that a smart organization is an organization that manages itself on the basis of smart information systems, the system must be able to change and adapt itself to management changes. The common understanding accepted today in the business world around the world clear and clear. "

"We have the knowledge, experience and full capabilities required for complex projects"

"In the 10 years we represent Infor EAM we have built the full knowledge, experience, and capabilities required for complex projects, with all the disciplines for effective implementation of the product, and we have conducted dozens of projects for assimilating the product in Israel," Givon added.

"In order to provide a complete value chain to the customer, we work and work in cooperation with all the large and medium-sized ICT companies that provide the infrastructure of cybersecurity, communications, and the infrastructure software required to operate the smart system and its hospitality. Internet solutions providers are happy and ready to integrate with Infor EAM systems and our vertical solutions, in order to add to the brain and heart of the central software system that we provide to the various organizations the senses (different sensors), the nervous system (various communication infrastructures) The immune system (cyberspace) Tara is to have an effective, smart and sustainable organization (a healthy body, long life, and good health) that develops constantly, improves and improves by adding rules (analogous to learning processes and acquiring experience and wisdom).

"GIV's collaboration with Infor is expanding, Infor is innovating and promoting a suite of products and a suite in the cloud such as the Internet, AI, BI, and PLM connectivity."

"GIV offers and implements all the complementary technological products available to Infor EAM and will continue to bring and implement additional products and, if necessary, implement the localization, as agreed with the management of Infor Worldwide, headed by Charles Phillips himself."

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