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GIV's Smart City Solution was presented at Inforum 2016

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

At the Inforum 2016 conference, which was attended by approximately 8,000 participants, GIV Solutions CEO Meir Givon presented the solution for smart city management GIV-CITY.

A complete and holistic system that combines the sensor and Internet level of things, continues with a smart system that can analyze, filter false alarms and double alarms, combines smart business rules and enables the city's management to act wisely, invest resources where necessary and maximize the Authority's resources for the benefit and well-being of the resident. This is done through lean and efficient management, due to the use of proactive processes.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions

GIV-CITY, developed as a vertical solution for the Infor EAM system, is a leading technological solution for managing the Authority's budget, managing infrastructure projects, managing infrastructure maintenance, managing energy and energy efficiency, managing buildings and institutions, managing water and sewage infrastructures, Sanitation management, road management, lighting management, coastal management, veterinary management, contractor control, quality management, employee management, asset management, occupancy management, municipal fleet management, residents management, billing, event management While providing the required resources for JIT.

The solution integrates GIS, operates on mobile and enables high operational efficiency of municipal employees (Lean O & M), with transparency, SLA and improving service to the citizen.

In addition to the Smart City Management System, the GIV-CAMPUS system was introduced to enable end-to-end campus management, from student/student management, courses, annual program management, to the level of meetings, integration of resources required for meetings, the interface to the learning management system, dormitory management, , Managing students' charges, managing operations and maintenance, and more.

GIV Solutions represents and implements Infor EAM in Israel and abroad and develops specialized vertical solutions.

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