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GIV Solutions develops and supports Aras Innovator - an advanced PLM system

GIV Solutions represents and supports the advanced PLM product Aras Innovator since 2008, and was the first to bring this product to Israel.

The Aras Innovator software is the only open source unit that provides complete engineering, supply chain, sales, quality management and manufacturing solutions.

Aras Innovator's solution is based on a simple premise: large enterprise applications must be able to adapt quickly. In a dynamic and unpredictable world, there are heavy customization requirements, which should not delay the upgrade and promotion capabilities of the business. That is, enterprise applications must be "flexible". GIV helps organizations realize this flexibility.

Aras Innovator was designed to deliver scalable, flexible, highly scalable and easily scalable solutions, regardless of the level of personalization, as the guiding principle is to support the continued evolution of the company's work processes.

Tzachi Hadar, Development Manager, GIV Solutions. Photo: Rotem Barak

The system includes the following modules, ready to use:

  • Product Engineering - Tracking and managing new products, component properties and change management

  • Product development and configuration

  • Manage complex product trees easily and quickly

  • Risk Management

  • Goal management

  • Processes change online workflows, shorten life cycle times

  • Supplier management and manufacturer's catalog

  • Manage documents and versions

  • Management of work plans - project management, collaboration and development management

  • Define tasks and required actions in the project

  • Dashboard

  • Email alerts: future activities, delays, rejection, and non-compliance

  • Project templates for consistency and company procedures

  • Resource management

  • Gantt display

In conclusion, today's successful companies are looking for new market advantages through technologies to bypass competitors, but many are struggling with cumbersome enterprise systems to achieve the agility needed to quickly make adjustments. In addition, there is the high cost of changes and support required in the systems.

GIV Solutions addresses these challenges: The company has developed dedicated CPG packaging and contract management products with a variety of satisfied customers and has extensive experience with Aras Innovator.

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