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GIV Solutions executives attended the European conference of Infor EAM

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Senior representatives from GIV Solutions participated in the European conference of Infor EAM, held at CERN, the particle accelerator in Switzerland.

The conference featured the latest technology innovations with an emphasis on engineering and deep-based maintenance based on Scada, IoT and Big Data and AI in the cloud processing by Javier Baseline, senior vice president of product development, Infor EAM, and presented unique customer stories.

Senior representatives from GIV Solutions

For over 30 years CERN has managed the complex facility with the Infor EAM system. The system is managed by about 2 million equipment, about 16 million technological parameters, 2,200 servers, power station, radioactive waste management created during the process of atomic particle collisions accelerated and treated according to strict European standards for treatment and removal of nuclear waste.

In addition, the organization manages about 700 buildings, a number of command and control centers built in 50 years, 15 complex warehouses with millions of spare parts, many interfaces for various systems, connection to monitored equipment, meter reading and more.

"The organization runs this with a very high level of satisfaction with the Infor EAM system and a steady increase in the number of users and uses, which reaches several thousand," said David Vidgreen, CERN's director of assets and maintenance.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions, presented two outstanding projects to manage campuses that have won the IT Awards for the past three years for people and computers, smart city management solutions, smart campus, advanced road management, and bridge management according to international standards.

GIV, a gold partner of Infor, is currently marking 10 years of partnership and implementation of Infor EAM with an impressive record of customers in Israel, and with complementary and innovative solutions that it has developed. Infor's management announced at the end of Givon's lecture on the integration of GIV and the innovative solutions in Infor's projects in the field of transportation infrastructure for various customers worldwide.

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