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GIV Solutions has been selected as one of the top 25 companies in the EAM world

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

"Technological progress has a strong impact on the companies' landscape, and many managers are leveraging this progress to promote the profitability and success of their companies. GIV Solutions continues to provide the conceptual leadership, the vision of innovation and the ability to execute. We are proud to present GIV in this release because of their revolutionary solutions that set a new standard in the EAM world, "said Diana Parker, CIO Solutions Editor.

CIO Solutions is a leading ITC magazine featuring news, solutions, products, and trends in hardware and software. The magazine is distributed to tens of thousands of computer administrators in the West. In addition, the system conducts a market survey and examines the various solutions in the computing world. In reviewing the EAM field, the system identified GIV Solutions as a market leader and breakthrough in EAM.

After evaluating according to many quantitative and qualitative parameters, GIV-Solutions was selected from hundreds of companies examined. GIV offers a wide spectrum of services including vertical solutions, turn-key solutions, consulting, monitoring and professional management, and of course industry-specific EAM solutions such as roads and bridges (GIV-BMS & GIV-RMS), smart cities (GIV- CAMPUS), railway infrastructure, GIV-RAIL and more.

The April edition of the magazine featured "25 EAM Solutions That Changed Businesses 2016". GIV-Solutions Israel, selected as one of 25 companies, was also chosen as an interesting and worthy editor of the magazine's editorial and magazine.

Meir Givon, CEO and founder of the company, was briefed on the challenges, trends, and innovation in the field, and the importance of infrastructure-intensive organizations that recognize the value and importance of EAM systems as a central component of their organization.

GIV Solutions, which marks the 15th anniversary of its establishment, has developed into a leading position in Israel and leads world-class innovation in unique areas of EAM - an R & D center approved by the Chief Scientist, including bi-national R & D.

GIV provides professional consulting, project management, best practice in the field of business processes, guidance, training, and implementation in all aspects of asset and equipment management, maintenance and maintenance policy - including computerization, monitoring, and control, SCADA and Internet of things - to improve operational efficiency, proactively and economically.

GIV has brought the Infor EAM system to Israel and is the representative of Infor in 2008 in Infor EAM in Israel. Through its professional team and development center, it develops localization, develops application and integration of vertical solutions, and fully provides technical support and maintenance to customers in Israel and their global deployment sites.

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