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GIV Solutions introduced GIV-CITY Smart City Management System

The system was presented at the Smart City & IoT Expo 6th Conference in Toronto, Canada. Meir Givon, CEO: "GIV aims to expand its activities while collaborating.

GIV Solutions was recently invited and presented at the 6th Smart City & IoT Expo in Toronto, Canada. The largest ITC companies participated in the conference. GIV stands at the forefront of smart solutions for cities, infrastructure, and transportation. This activity is a direct continuation of the development of the Company's activity abroad in a number of markets, including North America.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions   Solutions ראה גם solution

The conference, which was held for two days, was attended by many companies from smart cities, energy, infrastructure, and smart transportation - fields in which GIV Solutions Israel has proven and working solutions. The company's booth received great interest and many requests from the various companies that visited the conference for explanations about the various solutions presented and provided by the company.

The conference served as a platform for stakeholders such as North American mayors seeking smart solutions to their cities, leading leaders to address the challenges they face, and demanding smart solutions in areas such as smart health, management, and maintenance of smart buildings and structures, and forums on the future of smart cities in Canada.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions, was invited to present a lecture on "What is a Smart City", attended by many of the participants in the conference: "The awakening in North America, as demonstrated by the trends in the world and the Far East, Asset Management & Monitoring) and the subject even came up in a conversation with mayors. GIV is in the market with proven solutions, case studies, and customers that indicate their satisfaction and is a leading professional in the global market in identifying needs for solutions and their implementation in the field, "Givon said.

"GIV aims to expand its activity in cooperation with business entities, and this is reflected in the discussions held with such bodies during the conference."

GIV Solutions' practical solutions and practical projects raised significant interest among conference participants who received detailed explanations of the suitability of the diverse solutions to the challenges they face.

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