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GIV Solutions is launching 2018 with a large business and professional momentum

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

GIV noted at the special company event the end of 2017 as the most successful year of business activity, successful projects and the launch of major projects.

In addition to its successful and highly valued projects, the Tel Aviv University dormitories project for Shikun & Binui won the Champion of the Computer and Business Excellence Award in the "Business Process Improvement" category among the outstanding IT Awards 2017 projects.

According to Yossi Efroni, GIV's VP of Marketing and Sales, "We operate in a number of synergy areas that create high added value for our customers: consulting in the field of software solutions and managing large projects; Operating and maintenance consulting; Change management and innovative management solutions in smart cities, smart transportation and organizations that want to improve performance through efficient work processes; Transparency in processes; And productivity that improves the core processes of the organization. The combination of excellent employees and the leading international system, Infor EAM, brings us to successful projects. "

From left to right: Yossi Efroni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing GIV; Tzipi Giladi, project manager for Shikun & Binui; Eran Gutman, CIO Shikun & Binui; Meir Givon, CEO of GIV, Yogev Kraus, Project Director for GIV Photo: Niv Kantor

In March, a GIV delegation and customer representatives will attend the Infor EAM 2018 conference at CERN, the particle accelerator in Switzerland. The company will present its unique solutions in smart transportation, smart cities, smart corporations and more.

At the same time, the company is currently holding a conference for sales and marketing personnel for 2018 of its international team and is accelerating the exposure and distribution of the company's advanced solutions to the global market in the Far East, North and South America.

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