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GIV Solutions will provide smart city management system to IDF Training Base

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

After a qualitative, functional and economic examination process, Bynet Software chose GIV Solutions to provide, implement, maintain and operate the training center management system. The training center management system includes a command and control center, management and operation of assets and infrastructures, purchasing, inventory, apprenticeship, personnel, maintenance, financial system and more.

The solution is based on Infor EAM as a central system, integrated into a finance module that will be provided as a whole by GIV. Infor EAM system, management system, maintenance and operation of assets, equipment and infrastructure already operates in thousands of sites around the world and in Israel. The system has been implemented by GIV since 2008.

"The choice of the Infor EAM system and GIV helps to provide the solution required to manage the city on short schedules and thereby reduce risks", said Eyal Zaslavsky, CEO of Bynet Software Systems. Core operation of the city of Al-Bahadim, the system will enable operational efficiency and provide high-quality and quick service to the soldiers who stay in the IDF training base."

A city in the army. Simulation: IDF Spokesperson

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