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GIV Solutions won the Best Solution Provider Award for Smart Cities

Good news from GIV Solutions: The company recently won the Best Solution Provider for Smart Cities Award at the prestigious International Smart City &  IoT Expo in Toronto, Canada.

The delegation was headed by the company's CEO Meir Givon and attended by the company's North American team, presented its solutions for managing of smart cities and smart management of transportation infrastructure, headed by the GIV-CITY platform, and was chosen to receive the award out of dozens of other companies.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV SOLUTIONS receives the award.

Smart City & IoT Expo is a world-class traveling convention and this year it took place for the sixth time - as mentioned, in Toronto. It was spread over two days full of lectures, pavilions, exhibitions, exhibits and of course networking. GIV drew a great deal of attention, including personal meetings between consuls from Turkey and France with the company's CEO,and numerous inquiries from various companies that attended the conference.

Leading international companies, including large technology suppliers such as IBM and Microsoft, as well as service providers and global application companies, also participated in the event. In recent years, GIV has been expanding its operation in several international markets, including China, South America, and North America. As part of the conference, the company continued to deepen its activity in North American markets.

The topic of Givon's lecture was “what makes a smart city: Insights from real cases”, and it aroused great interest in the audience. Givon surveyed GIV's insights to the community in Israel and around the world on the goals, values and importance of the concept of using management systems for smart cities as a cornerstone for the successful realization of a smart and progressive city concept, that will be effectively managed for the benefit of the residents and in a sustainable manner.

The GIV Solutions team with the award.

As part of his Thank you speech, Givon said, "Smart City projects are complex projects that require a lot of knowledge and experience, and we are pleased that we are considered to be leaders in this field. GIV has the knowledge, experience and successful implementation of smart cities. In some of these cities, they have completely innovative infrastructures and technologies, and others are older cities that upgraded and renewed their management concept. We do these projects successfully, but not alone, in cooperation with many other Institutes in the industry from Israel and around the world. We will expand our collaboration to implement globally and successfully projects, including in North America".

The certificate.

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