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How is smart life cycle management is done?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

"Bridges, campuses, maintenance, and logistics - all of this is what can be managed smartly from end to end," said Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions.

Givon spoke at the Internet event of things, IoT.con. The conference, produced by people and computers, took place recently at the LAGO events hall in Rishon Letzion. It was led by the Tiger Leopard, entrepreneur, and leader of people and computers, Yehuda Konfortes, the group's editor-in-chief, and Ilan Alter, CEO of AlterNet.

According to Givon, "Smart management demands and is based on smart processes, and for this purpose, a platform based on laws and decisions is required, that the data log in once and integrates into all places and processes - business or operational. , So that even non-computer experts can use the system. "

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions Photo: Niv Kantor  

He described the smart process of managing an infrastructure lifecycle through the company's system: "It's a pro-active process, first of all, you have to write rules, and once you have data, you have to decide what to do with it, All of which can be adapted to an organizational system that provides information to decision-makers. "

Givon noted that "in such projects, we combine the information from the economic, engineering, service, maintenance, and logistics systems, which are usually separate systems."

"If there are already sensors in the field, such a project usually takes 3-6 months, and if it is an end-to-end project - up to 11 months," he added.

"In most infrastructure operators, cyberspace is a challenge, so they are prevented from using the free Internet, and instead use a private cloud," Givon said.

"The Difficulty: Representing the Real World in the Digital World"

Givon spoke about the vertical solutions offered by the company: GIV-City for smart city management, GIV Bridge for monitoring and maintenance of bridges and GIV Rail for railways.

"One of the most difficult challenges for systems that manage infrastructure is to represent the real world in the digital world," he said. "Infor understood this and developed tools, for example, to manage the sections in an end-to-end flow management process, even though the pipe segments are made of different materials and different bacteria."

He explained that "China is building an end-to-end system to transform bridges into smartphones, and after an international process of choice, we have been chosen as part of the design of the bridges, and we are working with business partners and the information comes in, whether manually or directly into the information system , Where we analyze it in real time. "

What about activity in Israel? Givon noted that "GIV Solutions has been operating in Israel in the field of infrastructures for local authorities and government and military bodies." In addition, the Company operates an R & D center in Israel.

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