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"Infor EAM, combined with the Internet of things, makes infrastructure management smarter"

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

At the IoT conference held on March 28 in LAGO, Rishon Letzion, Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions, discussed the importance of using the Internet in managing various types of infrastructure: smart cities, campuses, transportation, energy, water and more.

Givon also presented examples of various applications that the company performed, including the use of data monitoring by integrating control systems and sensors of various types, including the Internet of things. In all the examples reviewed, pro-active processes were used to achieve business, administrative, and economic goals.

Smart management processes are the result of information collected and stored (the Internet is one of the ways to collect information in real time) and from smart work processes that use information and operate proactively.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions

The challenge of using sensors and sensors is to receive the data, to filter and reduce the idle messages, to identify the source of the problem or to identify a deterioration and to activate a proactive process to change the situation and maintain the state of the infrastructure in good condition, so that there is no functional gap.

The solution is implemented in monitoring transportation infrastructures such as tunnels and bridges, structural integrity control (SHM), energy monitoring as a basis for preventing malfunctions and energy efficiency, managing buildings and assets, and managing and controlling service level and operational service vehicles. All this while monitoring location, controlling the planned work route and deviating from tasks, activating alerts and getting them to the relevant parties according to the customer's request.

Helping organizations reach their goals

Infor EAM as a platform for managing various infrastructures and using the Internet for things to maintain operational efficiency, to meet SLA and especially to improve the quality of customer service. The built-in BI enables the analysis and analysis of accumulated information and enables continuous improvement, Givon noted.

During the lecture, Givon emphasized that GIV is developing vertical solutions, including a bridge management system, a road management system, a smart city management system and a camp management system. All the solutions are integrated into the processes of absorbing information from different sensors. The Internet equipment of things, sensors, and control systems, are realized through a variety of business partners of GIV.

"Our solution enables the organization to be more efficient, and a proactive, operational management platform such as Infor EAM, in combination with the Internet, makes infrastructure management more intelligent for infrastructure-intensive organizations such as local authorities, water corporations, and transportation, Of many billions, "says Givon.

"The infrastructure is used by millions of consumers, and the expectation of the management organizations is to do everything necessary to ensure the correctness, availability, reliability, safety and maximum economic efficiency in order for the service to be optimal. (City / Council / Water Corporation / Transportation Infrastructure Company, etc.) GIV's solutions based on Infor EAM provide a solution for infrastructure and equipment intensive enterprises of all types, and in combination with the Internet, help organizations achieve their goals, Givon concluded.

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