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Infor's new kiosk

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

One of the solutions Infor recently launched in New York was Infocomm, a mobile-based kiosk based on the Windows 10 operating system.

The kiosk, which comes as an integral part of the Infor EAM system, enables great functionality in the workplace for maintenance, operation, users or residents wherever they are.

Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions, an Infor Gold Partner in Israel, spoke about the advantages of the product: "It enhances the user experience and simplifies the work of users with the information system as part of their work processes. It also provides a solution to the widely held argument among users that the computer takes their attention away from the work they are required to perform. It also eliminates the need to hold the mobile or tablet, "he said.

Infor EAM's hub. From left: Frederic Russo, vice president of product Infor EAM in Europe and IMEA; Eran Gutman, CIO of Shikun & Binui; And Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions

"The huge touch screen and display and operational friendliness upgrade the work day and work sites, and contain all the functionality required to perform on the floor of operations, production and logistics, or among the users themselves," Givon noted.

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