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"Information systems are an important and significant link in the customer value chain"

According to Avi Elkayam, vice president of technology for Politicity, "We chose the best solutions for Politicity in order to provide the service in a quality and economic manner for decades".

"We are a high-tech business service company, we are also a city, both academia, and hotel, and for this purpose the unique city management system was built on the basis of the Infor EAM system by GIV Solutions, as part of the overall IT system set up by Taldor." This is how Avi Elkayam, deputy director of Politicity Technologies, describes the Police Police City, the National Police College.

About a year ago, the National Police Academy opened its doors in Beit Shemesh, uniting the 20 Israel Police schools that were scattered throughout the country, and today thousands of policemen use the services of the National Police College every day.

Avi Elkayam, VP of Technologies, Policity

In fact, this is a small town run by Polititi (owned by Shikun & Binui and G4S), which established and operates the National Police College through a PPP tender.

In order to operate such a "city", with all its services, Politi wanted to establish a computerized system for managing the entire process in the organization, which was established by GIV Solutions. The system is a central component of the overall IT system established by Taldor.

According to Elkayam, "We operate a college with all the most advanced training services, and we operate a hotel on a very large scale.

"As one of the largest and most professional IT organizations in Israel, we chose the best solutions for Politic to provide the service in a qualitative and economic manner for decades." GIV was selected to provide the city management system due to the operational and operational efficiency and efficiency of operating the system.

"We chose GIV Solutions with the Infor EAM system as the city's management system, managing all civilian infrastructure, operating and maintaining tens of thousands of meters of built-in management, budget management, purchasing management, inventory management, personnel management , Management of the central focus with SLA control and sub-centers, including computing, room occupancy management, billing management, management control and other extensive functionality, with proactive management and monitoring, and high satisfaction with both the employees and managers.

Elkayam added, "The city management system was launched during the running of the National Police College in April 2014 and assisted in the various management processes." GIV escorted us from the establishment stages and was a significant professional factor that contributed to the success of the project on time and in the budget.

In conclusion, Elkayam said, "If we try to summarize the company's activity, it turns out that we are an organization operating in a number of areas: we are a city, we are a college, we are a hotel, we are a professional combination of professional bodies that provide the best service to the Israel Police in the field of training, An important and significant link in the customer value chain and GIV has helped us achieve our goal. "

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