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Iron Man with Infor EAM in the big city

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Eran Gutman, CIO, Shikun & Binui, and GIV Solutions presented at the Inforum 2017 conference in New York. Guttman told the participants about the connection between planning, preparation and competition in the Iron Man competition and the successful implementation and implementation of Infor EAM systems at Housing and Construction.

GIV Solutions, an Infor Gold Partner in Israel, has expanded its operations significantly in recent years, with a series of successes in the Israeli market in implementing unique solutions based on the Infor EAM system. It has done so in areas such as intelligent city management, transportation infrastructure management, infrastructure and asset organizations, and Defense & Aerospace.

Lecture by Eran Gutman, CIO of Shikun & Binui

The company was invited together with its principal client, Shikun & Binui, to the annual conference of Infor in New York. Eran Gutman, the director of Shikun & Binui, surveyed several successful projects at the event: Gutman, Iron Man in his hobby, chose his review of the connection between planning, preparation, and competition in the Iron Man competition and the successful implementation of Infor EAM systems in Shikun & Binui, While realizing the diverse business needs of the company. The realization process was done in collaboration with GIV, as a partner in the commitment to the success of the project, as a supplier and as an expert consultant in a complex and daring project.

Among the projects, Guttman surveyed Politicity - the National Police College. This is a project whose framework includes 19 training bases of the Israel Police, as a smart city model based on GIV-CITY and Infor EAM solutions. Other projects he has introduced are in the field of transportation infrastructure management at Derech Eretz, the Carmel Tunnels and the North, based on Infor EAM, GIV-RMS, and GIV-BMS solutions. Other projects are in the management, operation, and maintenance of the properties - in the student dormitories of Tel Aviv University and in the offices of the Shikun & Binui Group. They were also carried out on the basis of Infor EAM.

All projects were implemented as turnkey projects by GIV Solutions, while fully meeting the goals and complete customer satisfaction. The company was re-elected each time after examination with suppliers and solutions in the market.

GIV Solutions is highly regarded by Infor International for its performance, innovation, and achievements. GIV was chosen for three years as Infor's partner in EMEA this year, in addition to being a gold partner of the company.

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