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"Israel - a country that allows us to learn well about the impact of technology"

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

"We find in Israel an opportunity to learn more not only about what we do with technology but also about the impact of technology - in terms of processing, digital conversion, and culture - every time we come here it adds to our learning how these things are done and how true it can be. And good, "said Kevin Price, a software evangelist at Infor, referring to the partnership of the giant software company with GIV Solutions, which was founded and managed by Meir Givon.

Price said this during GIV's annual customer conference. The conference, called GIV Solutions + Infor EAM = Nut Crackers, was produced by the People and Computers Events Department, and hundreds of customers came to the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv to hear and meet the company's people and guests.

Kevin Price,Software Evangelist at Infor & Meir Givon, GIV CEO

"This combination of solutions is one of the unique and natural features for us"

"When we look at market maps, we find that Infor is above all in its market in terms of performance and vision, and we also offer our ability to integrate energy management, and this is a very unique ability that is not in the solutions of competitors," he said.

Another aspect of the company's success is its ability to integrate solutions offered by customers and partners, such as GIV, and because they always remember that high user experience is required.

"This combination of solutions is one of the unique and natural features for us, and this is something that we have been doing over the years, and over the years it happens in light of the feedback we get from our partners, like you, we do a lot of work around even the smallest points that make it easier to use the experience. The understanding that we need to ensure that the applications we develop and integrate are mobile so that we can take them into space because we know people are on the ground and with a mobile phone in hand, "Price said.

A connection between the Israel Railways and the GIV, which stretched over twenty years

Arik Biton, Deputy Director of Information Systems at Israel Railways and Yaron Rappoport, Vice President of Technologies at GIV, brought the story of the advanced control systems in the field of railway infrastructure, and the story of long-term cooperation in areas that include maintenance and computerization, A test case about what support means and how it comes is expressed in an organization that is at a strong growth rate.

Biton said that the connection between Israel Railways and GIV has been stretched for almost twenty years. "Israel Railways is an organization that is in a tremendous momentum of development and is very large compared to many other government organizations, and I think this is a growth that is not shameful for private organizations, from 201 trains in 2000 to 515 trains a day, 64.5 million, and I hope you understand that these are difficult dimensions to take in. The forecast is that in two years we will reach 825 trains and 91.4 million trips, "he said.

He presented another aspect that he points to the enormous growth. "We have reached nearly 1,500 kilometers of railway tracks and this is in a country that is slightly less than 700 kilometers long, an increase of about 60 percent compared to 2000. Every kilometer These winding costs are enormous, and this is one of the considerations why still do not reach Eilat. We are waiting for a designated budget from the government, "he said.

According to him, the connection with GIV is for maintenance in terms of maintenance in two main entities: the railway infrastructure and the mobile fleet. "They are different in substance, in character and in handling, and both of them contribute, of course, to the availability of the tracks and the availability of equipment, and we need to know how much the mobile equipment terminal serves to transport passengers and cargo," he said.

"Adding new systems all the way with data streaming to the management system"

Rappoport spoke about the long connection with the Israel Railways in the field of maintenance of tracks and equipment and the development of support and solutions over the long years. "We are adding new systems all the way with data streaming to a management system that provides information about the state of the tracks and the state of the cars and locomotives, all on the way and on the move. , All on an EMA basis, we integrated a full cycle of maintenance management that includes measurements, analysis of the situation, setting parameters for ranking, and issuing an SAP system order that someone do what is needed. "

He showed how the system, for example, was reflected in the full monitoring of the battery situation, with a rapid reasoning ability based on the quality dimensions set by the organization. "This is a system that offers analysis based on a lot of measurements of physical and geometric information, each of which can, of course, cause a decrease in the speed of the journey and therefore damage to the service received by the customer, which we naturally want to prevent. And so organized, "he noted.

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