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Management of population and management of a structure file in Infor EAM

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

population management becomes a complex issue in many organizations. A correlation between the physical structure and the changing organizational structure; Adaptation to frequent changes in manpower; Reference to safety or accessibility restrictions; Proper loading of building, electricity, cleaning, etc. costs on the profit and loss units of the Company, and more.

To GIV Solutions, an innovative solution for managing the population in the Infor EAM system. Infor EAM, a leading global asset management system that manages the organization's asset management from equipment management, operations and maintenance, energy efficiency, rental management and billing to efficient, transparent and general business management.

The system contains smart features that combine all the organizational needs for the management of population, including the creation of defined work spaces, employee management, management of organizational standards for occupancy management, for example: room type and room size by function, management of rooms, buildings and public areas .

Yossi Efroni, GIV Solutions Vice President of Marketing

In addition, the Infor EAM system enables the creation of logic for the allocation of resources for the division of rooms in the various buildings, thereby enabling maximum distance from a meeting room, coffee corner, etc., and to maintain / improve the employee's welfare according to his / her personal role and needs.

Another functionality of the Infor EAM system is the integration of sketches in the population management by using the OpenCAD module. The module presents a graphic capability that enriches the work environment in the Infor EAM system, enabling better decision making for managers and employees of the organization.

The idea at the center of the tool is the ability to transmit information, display it in real time and in a bi-directional way between drawings and the Infor EAM system. Aerial photographs or map images can also be used as a basis for organizational spatial information and to present the data required for the operation of the organization. The system allows you to edit the drawings and create an updated version according to the changes in the real world.

Using the Infor EAM system in combination with OpenCAD enables:

● Display visual alerts on the drawing or the building map (vacant rooms, non-standard rooms, rooms that will be vacated in the coming month, etc.).

● Viewing spatial data on rooms and equipment.

● Calculation of room areas, corridors, etc. to charge profit units / to calculate cleaning costs and more.

● Locating rooms near a dangerous hotline.

● Option to use the image as a basis for spatial information.

● Display a map of warehouses and piles.

● Create work orders directly from the technical drawing.

● Export a combined drawing of work instructions to the technician as a pdf file, highlighting the area in the drawing where the work should be performed.

● Ability to plan and present the technician's route in the organizational space.

● Importing information directly from the architectural or technical drawings for building an inventory in the maintenance system.

● Drill down to move between different levels of drawing detail.

InforEAM's openCAD module enables accurate, cost-effective visual management. The system enables transparency of organizational units and thus has better control and control.

Management Portfolio Structure

The management of the structure file enables the transfer of documentation of all the information about the building and the property, the management of visual safety information, where the fire extinguishing equipment is located, where the emergency ports are and more.

The use of the Infor EAM system makes it easier to locate the relevant information by marking the areas of different colors and issuing visual reports such as a route to the safety zones, repair wings, etc. in order to facilitate the implementation of standards defined in the law, which require a division into risk zones and protected spaces.

GIV Solutions represents and implements the Infor EAM system in Israel.

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