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Policity's turn

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Policity Customer story, of GIV Solutions Turn-Key implementation of GIV-CITY and INFOR EAM at the Israel Police Academy town.

Liron Tran, CTO of Taldor at Politicity, Serves as Head of the Information Systems Division

of the National Police Academy site which is actually a town The IT devision is responsible for all the technologies for the town, thanks to its staff, thousands of students and hundreds of staff members and employees who pass through the compound annually enjoy a smart and modern town, In cooperation with GIV Solutions, which has established, implemented, integrated and on-going operates the city management system as a subcontractor of Taldor for the whole concession period.

Tran is a very busy man. The information systems department at the Academy, which he is trusted, is comprised of many teams and includes 30 employees: system teams, passive/ active infrastructures, information security and telephony, a support center team, building control, an additional team of technicians providing service at the ranges and simulators, The two core systems of Policity - the Learning management and city management system Built on the platform of Infor EAM, provided by GIV Solutions. Without the Information Systems Division, the college is almost paralyzed.

"There is also a professional service team that provides Data-Base solutions and software development solutions," said Tran, "and the entire department's responsibility for low voltage and multimedia in the college, and the building control system - a system that is responsible for monitoring all the infrastructure in place: Cameras, low voltage, water, electricity, etc. This is done with the help of a system of about 5,000 controllers spread throughout the college, and the information from the various sources reaches the city management system and enables efficient management in all aspects of operations".

"Every day in the college there are thousands of trainees and visitors, hundreds of faculty and employees, and tens of thousands of students each year in thousands of courses." There are thousands of end stations, a server farm containing 150 physical and virtual servers, a recovery farms that provide business continuity in the worlds of communications, Data Security and Wi-Fi, and the site operates three different communication networks.

It is not easy. The city management system GIV-CITY™ by GIV Solutions Ltd based on Infor EAM, manages all the processes in this police Academy, and in fact manages several types of organizations at the same time: management of the hotel and lodging of the students, catering, service; Management of a training/academic campus in logistic aspects: management of buildings and classrooms, management of equipment and resources, management of students with interfaces to the learning system; And, of course, managing the general organization and the Concession terms regulations and monitoring of it: It handels dozens of modules including budget management, purchasing, inventory, maintenance, human resources, service centers, SLA management and many more".

Efficiency and savings by implementing an innovative energy efficiency system. An innovative and first-of-its-kind project, saving hundreds of thousands of NIS a year, which was recently developed at the college by the Information Systems Division, is an IOT system for energy efficiency. The system was the flagship project of the college in 2018.

"We have connected and assimilated energy interfaces that sample the energy meters, such as electricity and water, and they transmit information online to the city's management system," Tran said. "Today we receive data on energy costs at any given moment, as well as information on faults, which is obtained into a designated application for the site and SMS for those responsible, not only in the form of simple data, but also in the type of faults: A certain electricity meter, an over-consumption of a boiler, and even a refrigerator whose door is open and loses cold, all on the internet, when the system's managers are able to handle some of the malfunctions from a distance."

"In addition, on the same basis, we receive, through interfaces and controllers, data on failures in the worlds of computing: the fall of electricity in the concentration of communication, security systems that do not work (such as fence cameras or fence sensors) and more".

"The system knows how to optimize the electrical operation of the electricity system automatically in the training area, according to a timetable that is automatically transferred between the training management system and the city management system, which is defined in advance - saving resources and considerable money," said Tran.

The team responsible, along with Taldor, for energy at the National Police College is GIV Solutions team of the GIV-CITY – City Management System. "The cooperation with GIV experts, is very professional, they are very open-minded, and they fully understand the need of the organization and the managers, and are working on the constant improvement of the technological world in obtaining information online in all energy fields",noted Tran.

"Their system based on Infor EAM is one of the most powerful in the market, and its advantage lies in its flexibility and the ability to connect it to other systems." GIV's team is built from very strong Software Engineers and excellent Information and industrial engineers, and cooperation with them is outstanding."

Cooperation between the State and the Concessionaire / Private Provider "If I look almost four years after the site was established, we certainly see that the cooperation between the state body - the police - and the activity with a private franchisee is very important for the technological advancement of the National Police Academy," concluded Tran. "This shows that it is possible to make and promote technologies and to provide technological tools of the first rank to a government body, so that it can serve the country and citizens better and smarter, with better results, in a shorter period of time. And I congratulate the police for this."




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