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"Cities need a management system, which is the equivalent of the brain in the human body"

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

"For a city to be smart, it needs a management system before it is networked and connected" said Meir Givon, founder and CEO of GIV Solutions. "Smart city management is not just technology, it's much more than that.

"In the human body there are senses, and in the urban body there are sensors - a body without a brain and without a heart - is not functioning, so for a city to be smart, it needs to be networked and connected, and we add to it the management system of GIV-City. It is not just technology - it's much more than that".

Givon spoke at the Smart City 2019 conference of "people and computers", held last Thursday at the LAGO conference hall in Rishon Letzion, attended by hundreds of professionals in the field. The conference was led by the Toni the Leopard, entrepreneur and leader of "people and computers", and Yehuda Konfortes, the group's editor-in-chief.

GIV Solutions, Givon noted, was founded in 2001. "We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our representation of Infor and the Infor EAM product in Israel, we are not only integrating the product but also converting, developing vertical solutions, and serving as our support center for all organizational customers in Israel."

"Infor EAM, Infor flagship product, is a platform in the field of infrastructure and lifecycle, On the basis of this we developed vertical solutions for the management of smart cities, smart campuses for academia, learning and training centers, and the management of smart transportation infrastructures. The beauty of the platform is that integration becomes a non-issue, "he added.

Givon noted that "we have conducted dozens of projects for assimilating the product in Israel, so that the IDF's training branch launched the product in order to manage the city. Has completed the project, serving as a subcontractor of Bynet Computer Communications, which provides IT services to the IDF training base.

"Another project," he noted, "was done at the National Police Academy, where we established a smart and modern city, managed by a smart city management system and also excelling in energy efficiency." GIV Solutions is the one that established and operates the city management system as a subcontractor of Taldor, .

In conclusion, Givon said, "It is impossible to manage a city optimally only with the help of smart managers, a management platform is required, which is the brain of the organization, enabling optimal management of the smart city, sharing information, sharing processes and flexibility. , The ability to adapt and change the configuration of processes in small time constants and in an agile manner, and to provide a quick response to the city, which is a living organization that constantly changes, and thus helps the wise city to be an efficient, intelligent and sustainable organization that develops and improves all the time. "

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