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Stefan Drago, responsible for ticketing Colis-Levy: "Remote managed ticketing - and the information

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Representatives of public transportation companies from Europe, which operate smart cards, arrived at the World e-GOV Forum on Tuesday and shared their experience from similar projects with representatives of the large mass transit companies in Israel. European representatives presented successful projects in cities with similar characteristics to Israeli cities.

Dr. Ralph Gambetta, a member of the Board of Directors of the Calypso Association

Stefan Drague, who is in charge of the ticketing business at Kallis-Lyon, which operates the buses, trains, and trams in Lyon, described one of the unique features of the system that was established in the French city. He said that this is the first system of its kind in the world, which is currently in the experiment and allows remote management of ticketing machines, so that information about the credit cards transferred will be maintained on a remote and secure server. According to Victor Arra, a computer consultant for the public transport sector, if the experiment succeeds, it is a revolution. "When someone steals the devices, he can not get his credit card details or any other details he can make money from, which he steals would be a stupid device," Herrera said.

Alex Brandevas, the representative of the public transportation company of Riga, the capital of Latvia, described the transformation of the old, cash-based Soviet system into a modern system based on smart cards. The company operates 800,000 residents in the city, 460 buses, 322 articulated buses, and 11 tram lines. In total, the company transports over 300 million passengers a year - about 400,000 trips back and forth every day. "The new ticketing system allows the use of public transport alongside a variety of other purchases within the city, such as payment for parking, and the company receives a commission from the banks for every transaction," says Bendbends. Ticketing is done in the Calypso standard, the European standard on which the Israeli multi-line card is based.

Dr. Ralf Gambetta, a member of the board of directors of the Calypso Association, described the various applications of smart bus tickets in various European cities and said that although Europe is supposed to be one entity, different cities on the continent have adopted different ticket management methods, Meir Givon CEO of GIV Solutions, and Simcha Gendelman, CEO of Verifone Israel.

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