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Successful implementation of a sanitation control system in the Municipality of Bat Yam

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Sanitation management system - on the basis of Infor EAM in the municipality, "said Avi Nimni, deputy director of the Sheba Medical Center in Bat Yam.

The Municipality of Bat Yam is active in improving the service and welfare of the resident, including improving the city.

The cleanliness of the city meets very high municipal priorities, and to this end we have implemented an innovative control system to supervise the work of the cleaning contractors, both at the level of control of the efficiency of the vehicles operating in the city and at the quality level, as well as to maximize the efficiency of the funds invested in the matter.

The system manages the work plans of the work teams, regularly visits the team's position against the work plan, and alerts the work manager in any case that requires intervention and treatment. In addition, the system enables visual control and surveillance and quality control of work supervisors. The team of inspectors is equipped with a tablet, reports from the field and photographs the quality findings, so there is full panoramic control.

The system is a significant work and control tool for the Sanitation Administration and thus enables the residents to receive a clean and well-kept city.

Yogev Kraus, project manager at GIV Solutions, concludes that the Infor EAM system manages the sanitation infrastructure and enables effective and rapid sanitation control. The solution includes an interface for Otran and Pinter to display real-time vehicle locations, display work plans and map performance status, a range of active alerts, KPI's, KPI's, BI's, and more. Offers.

GIV Solutions has implemented and implemented the system in the Municipality of Bat Yam. The system was introduced to the short timetables defined for the project and caused significant changes in the routine conduct of the city's cleaning contractors.

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