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the Israeli embasador in China and GIV visit China Great Wall Technology Group

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

April 10th, 2018, Mr. Ophir Gore, business executive of the Israeli embassy in China and Mr. Meir Givon, founder/president of GIV solutions company, visited the China Great Wall in Beijing. The visiting party communicated with the senior vice president of the China Great Wall Technology Group, Mr. Duan Jun, in the field of smart cities.

Mr. Duan Jun warmly welcomed the arrival of the visiting team. He briefly introduced Great Wall’s main business and its current development status, highlighted that Great Wall is the national team of national information security and the leader of the informationalization. In addition to the basic components & products such as CPU\BIOS\OS, Great Wall also has a full range of products in the IaaS layer. Together with its partners, Great Wall is building PaaS layer and gradually it formed SaaS layer products (Self-owned & controlled OA, policing solutions, Smart education, smart medical care, smart finance etc.). This will effectively help the company’s continuous participation & involvement in smart city projects in the future.

Mr.Meir Givon, CEO of GIV Solutions, introduced that GIV's main business is in Smart City, large-scale infrastructure lifecycle management, operation and maintenance solutions. GIV provides advanced data management platform on which all work and management processes can be integrated. The platform allows a constant improvement of rules and processes, including all programs related to the Global Asset Sustainability Index.

At present, the global smart city technology is developing rapidly. The China Great Wall Technology Group has become one of the leaders in smart city technology with its excellent performance in the field of information security. Israel has a number of outstanding companies in smart city solutions and GIV is one of them. Both parties stated that further cooperation & communication in the smart city shall be strengthened between the two parties in the near future.

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