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"The world is waking up to advanced transportation infrastructures - and we are already there"

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

"We are a different and unique company, and we have shown that we can answer every challenge that comes before our group and in the most professional way, we meet the needs of the market and in fact we lead the market in innovation in almost every field we are dealing with: smart transport infrastructure, smart cities, "We bring together specialized solutions that offer the most advanced technologies up to the last mile," said Meir Givon, Founder and CEO of the company, And CEO of GIV Solutions yesterday (Tuesday) In a speech to an audience of hundreds of customers and partners who attended the annual conference of the company held in the production of people and computers in the event hall of the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv.

"The world is beginning to wake up to advanced transport infrastructure, to optimize advanced maintenance and management solutions, and we have been there since 2012. The world identifies smart city management as a central and evolving issue, and we have been doing this for many years with various partners on the basis of Infor EAM. On IoT and monitors and we've been there. "

He added that this was reflected in projects in the area of ​​the smart city in which the company has already participated, including the Negev IDF's Negev Command City, which, he says, is one of the most advanced of its kind.

"The technologies selected in organizations as management systems must be flexible, unsettled, and allow flexible change of the organization in a way that enables us to cope with all the challenges and changes. We offer tools that ensure that we help identify the core processes and do it without duplicating processes, And a little of this ability is demonstrated by the combination of the leading product Infor EAM, with the highest level of cooperation with the company, which also helps us localize the tools we offer based on the platform, and included the training of a growing professional team", he said.

The collaboration with Infor, especially around EAM, was, in fact, the key aspects of the annual customer conference, which was named GIV Solutions + Infor EAM = Nut Crackers to represent GIV's ability to cope well with the toughest challenges.

"Fair and mutual cooperation and total striving for success"

"There is a wonderful chemistry of creativity, innovation, and cooperation on both sides, and each time leads to a great product that the cooperation between the parties ultimately works for the benefit of the customers, and emphasizes the capabilities of GIV compared to competitors and other solutions in the market and with mutual actions to improve the product according to the various vertical needs And to set up an expert system in every project and in every challenge that fits exactly with Vertical's goal of optimizing maintenance costs - because we all know that there is always, but always, a lack of money to maintain, "Givon said of his company's cooperation with Infor.

"We are involved in other areas of Infor, including world-class projects, so we are violating the partner company at the same time and to the same extent as what we are getting from it," he added.

Givon noted that one of the company's challenges today is to offer tools that will suit the challenges of tomorrow, and this is one of the things it marks in the company's long-term strategy, and one of the things that a prosperous and sustainable society needs to take care of overtime to continue to succeed and thrive.

Nor did he conceal his pride that GIV was living on its own income.

In conclusion, Givon said, "We are leading the market with the help of our agreements with customers, which bring forth fair and mutual cooperation and an absolute striving for success.

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