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Without the veterans of the Navy's mechanization center, the world of Israeli IT was different

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

"The contribution and work of the graduates of the The Navy Machinery Center Corps are evident everywhere in the Israeli IT world. Without the Lehi, the Israeli computer world would be different, "said Meir Givon, a graduate of the Center and CEO of GIV Solutions.

Givon led the meetings of the graduates of "Machai", which took place last Friday in several locations in the safari in Ramat Gan, attended by thousands of employees, managers, and computer industry veterans in Israel who met for several adult meetings. Activities for employees' children.

According to Givon, "maybe the 8200 has better public relations, maybe they really contributed more, but I am convinced that the specific weight of the achievements relative to the number of graduates of the unit is clearly in favor of the navy." "After all that he had experienced in the Corps, the former commander of the navy, Maj. Gen. (res.) Avraham Ben Shushan asked for the close ties and services of the veterans of the Palmach wherever he went, including in civilian life, Labor and Social Affairs, CEO of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Economic Company and other positions in the public sector. "

In addition, Givon mentioned several IMI veterans, among them Dov Moran, the founder of SanDisk and the one who brought the flash memory and USB to the world, and Shimshon Kaufman, who managed the pilot's helmet development team at Elbit Systems, "and thus brought many capabilities that contributed to the aerial superiority of Israel, "Col. (ret.) Natan Barak, CEO of M-Prest, who developed the system for the Iron Dome system," which led to a strategic change in the balance against missiles. " Col. (res.) Baruch Eilon, who developed a billing system for Motorola's Mirs system, and Nimrod Kimchi, who founded Unicell, "and brought the use of text messages for interactive voting on television programs." Brigadier General (Res.) D. Shlomo Ben-Bassat, now a member of Software AG Israel, Yossi Segev, founder of Logon, Ronit Rubin, now Partner's VP and former VP of Operations Visa CAL, Ofer Weissberg, Director of Maccabi Health Services; Yaron Tsur, former CEO of Isracard, and Yoram Silberberg and Sharon Cohen-Ofir, currently at Advantech.

Meir Givon, graduate of Machai and CEO of GIV Solutions. Photo: Kobi Kantor

Givon also announced the establishment of a forum for graduates of the "Machi" for generations.

A decade of GIV Solutions

As part of the conference, the tenth anniversary of GIV Solutions was celebrated. "For me, society is a home, a family, a mission, a society of friends, people, creativity and giving that rewards."

"I have worked to create a society that will be a home and a family for its employees and customers, and I believe that to a large extent we have succeeded and done the impossible - to create a society that is a meeting of desires and aspirations, based largely on creation and giving rather than on interests and taking," Givon said.

He noted that "we are looking for people who are both professional and industrious, and also make customers get the best out of themselves, improve and be promoted."

Givon concluded by noting some of the company's customers, including Israel Railways, the Jewish Agency, the Aviv Springs Corporation, Solel Boneh, Derech Eretz and the Ministry of Transportation.

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