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project Portfolio Management System

Statistics show that the main cause for project failure (57%) is a lack of communication between the various factors of the organization. After that, there are other factors such as lack of resources planning, lack of QA, unmatching milestones and lack of resources coordination.

The traditional PMO’s role is to be in charge of updating work orders, gathering data from all projects & presenting it to the management while guiding & supervising project managers.


the goals of the PMO today are updating work orders, communicating with project managers, gathering data & making reports for management, usually with Excel or semi-manual systems with different tools.

The next generation of PMO will be Project Management Optimizer, so all the reports, statuses, communication with project managers as well as management reports will be performed automatically in real-time by the system.

The PMO will be available to perform his original job: supervising, integrating the various bodies & dealing with “bottlenecks”. Thus, shortening timelines & increasing quality.

Aras Innovator system releases the PMO from the logistics and enables him to manage & expedite the project, where he is truly needed. The system creates organizational transparency, showing the activities statuses to all employees of all levels. 

The transparency along with the automatic escalation system increases the employee’s motivation to update the project statuses in the system.

Project Portfolio shows on a macro scale the WBS or the late & delayed stages through graphic alerts, enables “down drill” of the project down to an activity level.


Immediately after completing an activity an e-mail will be sent to the employee alerting him to start the next one, so employees are always exposed to current & future activities.


The automatic sending of activities shortens timetables, using the Project Templates emphasizes the company’s procedures, along with organizational transparency that represents the real situation, brings a major improvement in communications between the different bodies in the organization.

GIV-Solutions represent Aras Innovator in Israel and implemented many successful projects. The system is private\public cloud-based and allows flexibility at the implementation & assimilation module.

most of GIV Solutions’ projects involve BPM and change management together with highly effective planning, training and assimilation.

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